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Research papers 2009
Research - Research Papers

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Managing critical factors in construction projects: Applicability of a compensatory model for effective project management
Gunasekera, H. A. D. P. M

Establishing a new business entity at Ferozities
Abeykoon, Y.M.C.S.P.; Rodrigo, K.M.D.T

The effect of perceived psychological contract: The case of IT employees in Sri Lanka
Widyalankara, U.; Adikari, D.J.M

Impact of performance evaluation systems on team performance
Ahamed, N.N.

Global competitiveness of Sri Lankan fresh fruit and vegetable exports
Ahsik, N. M.

Strategy transformation at Dankotuwa Porcelain
Amarasinghe, N. I.

Relationship between HR management practices and employee performance in the banking industry
Ariyawansa, J. G. C. L.

The impact of organizational learning on software development
Aththas, F. S. S.

The impact of pressure groups on the growth of the local beer industry
Attanayake, C.S.B.; Bandara, W.W.M.A.J.

Process improvement for educational toys and games at Javana Graphics
Atukorala C

Relationship between effective business process mapping and ERP project success
Azamaan, S.M.S.; De Silva, W.A.C.I

Relationship between organizational commitment, climate, employee skill and job performance of employees in Commercial Banks
Balasooriya, P.T.

Career oriented performance appraisal system for MMBL Cyberskills
Balasubramaniam, I. V.

Implementation of performance - based maintenance system in the road sector
Basnayake, B R. S. B.

Implementation of the Balanced Scorecard at LTL Projects
Chaminda, H.D.

Relationship between desirability and feasibility in creating a new venture
Chandimal, A.P.L.

Relationship between working capital management policies and performance of manufacturing companies
Chandraratne, L. J. R.

Factors contributing to the success of international ventures in Sri Lanka
Costa, D.S.J.V.; Ignatius, R.K.

Impact of entrepreneurial competencies on the success of construction entrepreneurs
Damminda, D.D.C.; Perera, S.I.

Customer-count improvement strategy for the supermarkets
Dassanayake, P. D.

Business development of an ornamental fish farm
Dassanayake, D. K. N. P.

Adding value and enhancing quality of Sampath Bank's banking solutions
Dassanayake, D.M.I.L.

Effect of organizational complexity on project completion
Dayanatha, I.M.A.

A case study of the longevity of Sunlight
Dayarathne, H. C. D.

Motivation of scientists in government research institutes
De Alwis, A.M.

Implementing a complaint handling system at Hotel Serendib
DeFonseka, D. S. A.

Process improvement of sale proposals at IOM Lanka
De Silva, K. A. E.

Impact of human and non-human factors of perceived service quality on customer satisfaction in Retail Banking
De Silva, Viruli

Effects of product and service attributes on customer churn in the Telecommunication Industry
De Silva, S.S.R.; Sanjeewa, D.J.D.M.

Human factors in the implementation of IT projects in public sector banks
De Zoysa, G. A. R.

Disposal of long lying, abandoned cargo of Sri Lanka Ports Authority
De Zoysa, D. U. W.

High dependence on raw material by Sri Lankan apparel industry
Bandara Dela, K.H.

Participatory decision making by self-managed teams
Dharmasiri; Ranjith J. R.

Gender, perceived organizational support and work outcomes
Dharmasiri, N.B.; Weeratunga, U.V.A

Supply chain management for low inventory turnover at Gemtrans Engineering
Dinesh, S. P.

The use of technology for competitive advantage at Suntel
Dissanayaka, K. D.

A performance appraisal system for Property Developers
Dissanayake, M. D.

The impact of ethnocentric values and performance of local brands
Dissanayake, D. M. R. D.

Factors affecting job satisfaction of public sector medical practitioners
Dissanayake, D. T. K. D

Efficiency and effectiveness improvement of general procurement processes of Sri Lankan Airlines
Dissanayake, D. M. K. K.

A cost reduction project for APL logistics
Dissanayake, D. S.

Applications of the Balanced Scorecard approach to Lanka Electricity Company
Edirisinghe, N. L. W.

Job satisfaction and labour turnover among blue collar workers in the garment Industry
Edirisinghe, A.P.

Launching a coloured PVC gutter system at Onal Trading Company
Ekanayake, E.M.A.

Focused differentiation: A case study of Phoenix Industries
Ellepola, E. R.

Salesperson's behavioural factors contributing to sales performance
Emmanuel, G.

Maintaining a positive relationship with trade unions in Sri Lankan companies
Fernando, N.P. K.T.

Process re-design at HNB Securities
Fernando, I. A. S. P.

A case study on the visionary leadership and the success of Dilmah
Fonseka, D. C.

The impact of employee engagement on turnover intent in the telecommunication industry
Dias, P.L.C.; Gafoor, M

The impact of entrepreneurial strategies and behaviour of SME's on business growth
Gajanayake, R.

Effect of personality factors on knowledge sharing in software companies
Gajanayake, H.S.

Improving guest satisfaction of food and beverage offering at Al Falaj Hotel, Muscat
Gajendran, N.

Redesigning workforce planning of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation
Gamage, S. W.

The way forward for ACX International
Gomes, H. L.

Working capital management practices in property development companies
Goonetilleke, D. V.

Advertising freedom and customer decision-making
Gunaratne, Sujeewa

Factors influencing value-added services of the mobile telephone industry
Weerakoon J.N.; Gunasekara W.D.C.

From decay to growth: Managing the resurgence of Melsacks
Gunasekera, K.D.D.

Performance-based reward system at Sampath Bank Wellawatta branch
Gunawardena, P. D. D. N.

Competitive advantage through innovation in the IT industry
Gunawardene, A.D.D.

The impact of leader-member relationship on employee's attitudinal and behavioural outcomes in the garment industry
Gunawarnasuriya, V.N.

Impact of perceived organizational support, job satisfaction and organizational commitment on employee turnover intensions in the services sector
Hafeel, A.H.; Mendis, M.R.J.

The role of HR and organizational performance of Suntel
Handapangoda, P. R.

Consumer demographics and service quality in commercial banks
Herath, H. M. R. P.

Enhancing the value proposition to retain SLTB
Hewage, Ujith

Developing a company-based HR package for sales managers of the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation
Hewawasam, H.P.J.; Weerasena, P.G.A.K.Y.

Factors contributing to the success of international ventures in Sri Lanka
Costa, D.S.J.V.; Ignatius, R.K.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) at Chevron Lubricants Lanka
Imbulpitiya, I.V.A.B.

Application of the Balanced Scorecard to improve performance of Sri Lanka Telecom
Priyantha, P. V. G. I.; Weerakoon, K. N.

Exploring the risk appetite of Sri Lankan managers
Indunil, L. L. S.

Process improvement and development of an MIS for Dynawash
Irfana, M. H. F.; Someswaram, S.

Development of a new paint brush for Ravi Industries
Jaan, A. S. M. J.

CSR and its sustainability in Organizations
Nagodavithana, Channa

Improving on-time tech pack delivery at Sintesi
Jayakody, N. S.

Engaging customers through e-business
Jayamaha, M. P.

International brand marketing to improve value-addition in the tea industry
Fernando, N.A.R.; Jayarathne, B.A.A.G.

Fruit waste management system of Cecil Foods
Jayasekera, J. A. W. M.

Internet business development of Aitken Spence Hotels
Jayasekera, D. A. H. L.

Measuring performance of supply chain management at Dialog Telecom
Jayasinghe, U. K.

Low adoption of voluntary green business practices in Sri Lankan business
Jayasinghe, M.G.C.P.

Market dynamics and the selection and adoption of an MBA Program
Dilrukshi, V.K.A.B.; Jayssinghe, S.Y.K.

Introduction of competency-based HR strategy to raise performance of hSenid Software
Jayasundara, J.M.S.K.

CRM for competitive advantage of Jay Kay Marketing Services
Jayawardana, S. U.

Implementation of differentiated business strategies
Jayawardena, C. N.

Factors influencing the adoption of Lean Manufacturing in the Apparel Industry
Jayawardena, K.M.; Randiligama, H,D.K.

Process improvement of Bank of Ceylon, Kaduwela Branch
Jeewantha, R. M. N.

Management and Entrepreneurship in a Small Business
Jayanathan, Ravi J.

Management case study of ODEL
Jiffry, M. F.

Impact of investment in human capital and technology on SMI operational efficiency
Kalupahana, Tony H.; Karunatatne, Modestus A.L.

Corporate real estate asset management practices in Commercial Banks
Kaluthanthri, P.C.

Managed security services project of Sri Lanka Telecom
Karawita, N.

Cash flow management project for Ceylinco Development Bank
Karthik, E.

New value addition and expansion of Lanka Trading Company
Karunarathne, M. A. R.

Project appraisal of the Pyrolysis project of CPC
Karunaratne, P. M. L. K.

Sub-optional usage of ICT among Sri Lankan organizations
Katugampala, Sujeewa

Lean transformation in the apparel industry: Case study of MAS Holidings
Kinigama, D. K.

Productivity improvement in Sri Lanka's Paddy Sector
Kodikara, K.D.N.

Impact of quality of graduates on BPO sector growth in Sri Lanka
De silva Koralage, V.P.; Rathnayake, C.N.B.

Performance management methods, beyond budgeting
Kulendran, S.A.S.

Factors affecting effectiveness of outsourcing in Sri Lankan Organizations
Suminda Kumar, H.A.; Priyankara, G.C.

Impact of customer loyalty on mobile service providers
Kumarasinghe, Harsha

Recruitment practices leading to person - job fit in Family Organizations
Kumaraswamy, R.

Improving the distribution system for Lifebuoy Nature
Liyanage, K. B.

Sustainability of 5S in Sri Lankan organizations
Liyanage, K. D. P. T.; Wijesinghe, K. L. R.

Impact of individual factors on job performance of executives at Sampath Bank and Bank of Ceylon
Liyanage, A.D.

Beyond the reliance on a single customer and narrow product portfolio for ship building at Colombo Dockyard
Lye, M. Prince

Constraints on investment decisions for ERP Solutions in Sri Lankan organizations
Lye, M.S.M.; Rifas, J.M.

Forming and building a sales team at Magical Expressions
Madapathage, R.

Investing in e-business strategies by the financial services sector: Insourcing versus outsourcing
Maloney, T. A. J.

Operational efficiency of microfinance institutions
Manamendra, M.I.P.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty in the mobile telecommunication market
Marzoon, M.S.B.

Re-designing the payment system at Haycarb
Morais, M. A. H. R.

Direct marketing at Gamma Pizzakraft
Morseth, F. Ramzeena

Impact of disposable income on consumption of indulgence products
Muheed, M. F.

ISO 9001:2008 QMS Accreditation for PIM
Munasinghe, A. S.; Ranaweera, R. M. D. S. B.

CSR and Its sustainability in Organizations
Nagodavithana, Channa

Leadership styles and their impact on organizational performance of mobile telecom companies
Nalim, M A izal

Improving productivity through working capital management practices at Chemanex
Nanayakkara, S. P.

Performance management at Gintota Plywood Manufacturers
Nandakumara, M.P.C.

Positioning strategy for a new brand: Orange Electric
Nicholas, H. B. D. N.

Development of a pricing tool
Padmasiri, H. A.

Quality imporvement at Institute of Bankers
Pakianathan, R. J.

Consumerism and profitability in the banking industry
Pallewatte, P.G.D.B.

Effectiveness of engineering material management functions at SL Airlines
Panapitiya, B.G.

Relationship between CSR and financial performance
Pandithage, D.W.; Perera, E.A.C.K.

Turnaround of Holcim
Pandithasekera, T.

Introduction of private labels to Keells Supermarkets
Peiris, T. W. K.

Corporate turnaround: A study of profit decline and recovery
Peiris, H. D. I. P.

Assessment of lending to Micro Enterprises by Sri Lankan Banks
Peiris, A.S.U.

Implementation of activity-based costing at Loadstar
Perera, M. R. A.

Improving supply chain activity at Sunfrost
Perera, P. W. A. Y.

Implementation of the Balanced Scorecard at Janashakthi Insurance
Perera, J. K. S. A. N.

A framework for operational risk management at Seylan Bank
Fernando, K. J. S.

Increased credit quality and managing non-performing advances
Fernando, M. S. C.

Revised treasury management policy for Union Bank
Gunasinghe, R. C. S.

Performance appraisal system for Ceylinco Investment & Reality
Jayasundara, J. A. K. S. W.

Determinants of customer switching prosperity in the retail banking industry
Kapuge, K. D. L. R.

Debt recovery policy for Orient Financial Services Corporation
Karunapala, D. M. N. P.; Kumarasinghe, H. W. W. A.

Improving the performance of life insurance policies
Konara, K.M.P.S.B.

An analysis of operational risk management policy of HNB
Warakaulle, Vijitha; Lokugamage, Prasanna

Loan recovery policy for Commercial Banks
Siritunga, A.; Pananwala, S.

Asset and liability management policy for People's Bank
Sisira Kumara, E. P. A.

Business process policy for improving efficiency at Seylan Bank
Wadugodapitiya, P. K.

The impact of IT and agency relationships on bank efficiency
Fernando, C.N.S.

Development of the IT security policy for Singer finance Lanka Ltd
Wijeweera, R. S.

The impact of personal factors of Ayurvedic medical officers on perceived service quality
Marasinghe, M.J.