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Welcome to the Postgraduate Institute of Management  

Our Intent

As a pioneer in advanced management education in South Asia, we endeavour to embody the knowledge and practice of management in the national and international contexts of management.

We intend to fashion management education and innovation in the Fivefold Path of Vision, Effort, Harmony, Restraint and Caring. And, our task is to develop leaders who will direct the energies of their men and women along the Fivefold Path and produce managers who will create value in their enterprises for the benefit of the larger society.

We, at the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) in Sri Lanka, strongly believe that civilized human progress in modern times requires: 

  • Knowledge-based study, strongly supported by action-learning,
  • Continuous development of competence to perform,
  • Unwavering commitment to disciplined professionalism and
  • Devotion to innovation for the creation of value.

These are the four pillars of our program philosophy. We earnestly expect all those who enter our Institute to be imbued with this philosophy.

Master of Business Administration Admissions 2014 Print E-mail
Issuing Applications: May-July, 2014
Program Commencement:January, 2015
Total Program Fee(Current):LKR 450,000/-
Program Fee (Foreign Students):US$ 7,500/-
Lecture Hours:Three days per week on week days from 5.30 to 8.30 p.m.
Program Duration:Two years

Message from Prof. Uditha Liyanage
Dr. Uditha Liyanage - Director and Chairman of the Board of Management
Prof. Uditha Liyanage, Former Director

Our business is about mastery...

Nothing worthwhile is achieved easily. Success is achieved when the right things are done right at the right time. This is particularly true in business. One word for ‘getting it right’ is mastery. Mastery of the task at hand, the people around, and over the conditions that prevail leads to success in business, as it does in life.
Our MBA and other programs are designed to help their participants who have a global mind-set but a local ‘feel’, to gain mastery over the markets in which they operate. They do so by beating competition, and on occasion, by making competition irrelevant. Indeed, they create value not by merely transforming materials into products or through routine transactions, but by engaging in knowledge-driven tacit interactions. We set out our mission over two decades ago to help Sri Lankan managers become masters of the destiny of the organizations they direct and manage. This mission has brought forth over two and a half
thousand business leaders in the country.

Message from Director PDF Print E-mail

Prof. Mangala Fonseka, Director PIM

The True, the Beautiful, the Good... 

Our business is about management and the mastery of it.  Through our study programmes and research we educate business leaders, managers and administrators gain mastery over their organizational and personal destinies as well as their collective and individual being. 
Mastery involves the fusion of concepts, frameworks and theories of management with one's experience and other ways of knowing such as intuitive and reflective thinking.  This requires concerted effort, passion and devotion from both learner and  teacher. Mastery also calls for an unhurried process of maturation with a steadfast interest in  continuous learning since situations and circumstances are in a constant state of change.   Mastery is what leads to professionalism in management. 
In achieving mastery we recognize the need to maintain a balance among divergent influences such as operational excellence leading to profits, the well-being of people  and the preservation of Mother Earth.   An integrated, holistic approach with the focus on value enhancement  seems essential in today's increasingly complex, individualistic and exploitative world of business. We have to hold on to the True, the Beautiful, the Good, for they form the cornerstones of all human endeavour; we disregard them at our own peril.   
Thus, through our MBA, MPA, PhD and other programmes we strive to develop professionals who are not only competent and skillful but also humane and truly worthy and justly proud  of their qualifications. On such a breed of leaders, managers and administrators does  human survival depend. We of the Postgraduate Institute of Management are committed to this ideal.