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Message from Prof. Uditha Liyanage
Dr. Uditha Liyanage - Director and Chairman of the Board of Management
Prof. Uditha Liyanage, Professor of Management

Our business is about mastery...

Nothing worthwhile is achieved easily. Success is achieved when the right things are done right at the right time. This is particularly true in business. One word for ‘getting it right’ is mastery. Mastery of the task at hand, the people around, and over the conditions that prevail leads to success in business, as it does in life.
Our MBA and other programs are designed to help their participants who have a global mind-set but a local ‘feel’, to gain mastery over the markets in which they operate. They do so by beating competition, and on occasion, by making competition irrelevant. Indeed, they create value not by merely transforming materials into products or through routine transactions, but by engaging in knowledge-driven tacit interactions. We set out our mission over two decades ago to help Sri Lankan managers become masters of the destiny of the organizations they direct and manage. This mission has brought forth over two and a half
thousand business leaders in the country.

We have now extended our mission overseas. The birth of the PIM International Centre in the United Arab Emirates spells the beginning of our endeavour to make managers, wherever they are, become masters of their circumstances, rather than being their victims.
PIM’s central intent is to transform mere practitioners into professional managers. The former depends almost entirely on past experience and anecdotal evidence. The latter, the professional manager does fuse personal experience with a body of knowledge based on the formal learning of concepts, frameworks and theories. This results in the professional manager seeing that which (s)he encounters differently, and then doing things in a way that is different to the actions of a manager who can only boast of the years behind him/her. The outstanding results the professional manager will be getting, as a consequence, is the ultimate reward.
PIM brings the reward of outstanding results to those professional managers who strive towards mastery.

Master of Business Administration Admissions 2015 Print E-mail

Issuing Applications          : From June 01, 2015
Program Commencement   : January, 2016

Message from the Director

Dr. Ajantha Dharmasiri, Director PIM

Flying Higher

We produce thought leaders to the nation.  PIM has been in the forefront in breeding such leaders with character and competence. They are equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and complementary skills needed to perform in both private and public sectors alike. In producing them with clarity and commitment, PIM has always been a centre of excellence in management education with its winds spreading beyond Sri Lanka.  Excellence is all about being exceptionally good. When applied to enterprises, it involves exceptional achievements in a consistent manner. That’s what PIM is proud of being a self-financed, semi-autonomous public entity.  
Now the time has come to expand our reach, regionally and globally through research and teaching. The leadership of PIM has been entrusted with another generation. Adhering to best practices with appropriate use of technology is the way forward in ensuring enhanced quality and relevance in all our initiatives. PIM will continue to produce value in practicing values, as the nation’s school of business.
In doing so, we will strive to fly higher.

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